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If you are facing divorce or preparing to file for the dissolution of your marriage, an intimidating array of pivotal decisions lies ahead. If you have children, their interests must be kept in the forefront, and you must protect your relationships and your influence in their lives. Whether you have millions in assets or more modest marital property to divide, defense of your financial interests is also critical.

Clear Counsel For Solid Decision-Making · Experienced Protection Of Your Financial Future

At Smith Bigman Brock, you can rely on receiving focused, attentive counsel from family law attorneys who will explain relevant laws, your options and viable strategies for achieving your goals. Our highly regarded team of Daytona Beach divorce lawyers is led by Horace Smith Jr., a Florida Bar Board-Certified Specialist in Marital and Family Law since 1985. We will work closely with you in striving for the best possible resolution, whatever the unique demands of your case.

Committed To Excellence In Complex, High-Stakes Divorce Negotiations And Litigation

While we represent divorcing men and women from many backgrounds and circumstances, our firm in Volusia County has distinguished itself specifically in negotiations and litigation required to resolve cases involving high net worth and complex assets. Many of our clients are entrepreneurs and business leaders, licensed professionals, executives, their spouses and others whose pivotal concerns often involve:

  • Obtaining fair and reasonable orders for child support and spousal support
  • Achieving accurate valuation and equitable distribution of assets such as multiple homes, business and corporate interests, extensive investments and other complex holdings
  • Ensuring that Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) necessary for the division of 401(k) plans, other retirement accounts and pensions are properly drafted and executed

Our case experience across several decades covers injunctions, location of concealed assets, representation of fathers and mothers in difficult disputes over child custody and time sharing, and all other aspects of Florida divorce. We welcome client inquiries and many attorney referrals from Ormond Beach and communities throughout and surrounding Volusia County. To request a consultation focused squarely on your needs, simply call 386-254-6875 or email us at Smith Bigman Brock.