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Can business owners protect their online database information?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Business Litigation |

If you are a business owner in Florida, you know that the data you store online about your employees, customers and inventory is a very precious resource. It’s really the heart of what you do, no matter what type of enterprise you run. Your whole company can be jeopardized by dangerous online mischief.

You also undoubtedly know that hackers and other so-called “bad actors” are lurking in the shadows throughout the world scheming to get hold of that information and use it somehow to their own nefarious advantage. The individuals who perpetrate such crimes are often cunning, shrewd and relentless. They know exactly how to capitalize on the naivete and gullibility of their targets.

You have surely heard about the countless high-profile instances of all kinds of organizations having their information stolen or otherwise compromised. It is all business owners’ nightmare when they have to inform shocked, angry people that their dates of birth, Social Security numbers, street addresses, credit card numbers and other sensitive personal data have been exposed to the wrong people for all the wrong reasons. It opens a veritable Pandora’s box of messy legal issues as well.

What can you do? Can you, as a responsible business owner, effectively shield your company’s data from online thieves? Although nothing is surefire foolproof, there are some proactive steps you can take so you are not quite so vulnerable to online predators.

Foiling online data breaches

Try these actions to beef up your online security:

  • Stay on top of who is accessing your database.
  • Utilize encryption.
  • Automatically freeze someone out if after a certain number of failed tries to get into your database.
  • Ensure that your databases are inconspicuous.

Barriers to access can include complex passwords and canceling access to databases as soon as someone exits the company permanently.

Stay vigilant

Hackers can strike at any time, so be prepared to rebuff their attempts with the simple techniques mentioned above. If your online security does get violated, learn about legal steps you can take against anyone who misuses your data.