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Handling lawsuits involving staff members

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Business Litigation |

As a business owner, you may have to head to court over any number of issues. From trade secret theft to other matters which may involve competitors, business partners or customers, business litigation has many causes. However, some lawsuits are the result of an issue involving a staff member or a group of employees. It is extremely important for businesses to handle these cases with special care since the outcome of the suit could have a ripple effect felt throughout the company. In Daytona Beach and across Florida, the way in which a business owner handles a lawsuit involving staff members could even affect the future of the company.

Employee lawsuits may be centered around sexual harassment allegations or they may involve discrimination over religious beliefs, gender or a disability. Some workers may claim that they were subjected to wage violations, such as denied overtime, and there are all sorts of other reasons why workers may decide to take the company they work for (or their former employer) to court. The outcome of a lawsuit involving staff members can not only bring financial consequences for a company, but they can also affect the behavior of other employees and a business’ reputation.

Sometimes, these cases can be dealt with outside of the courtroom and this can be highly advantageous. However, some staff members may be bitter and determined to move forward with legal action against a business, in which event it is pivotal to carefully examine the details of the case and prepare for court.